Monetizing Knowledge – Do You Vlog?

Did you know that there are thousands of people making millions of dollars sharing their knowledge via internet video Blogs known as Vlogs? It’s true!! These Video Blogs have become so popular over the last few years that new words have now found a home in our vernacular. Vlog,Vlogging,Vlogger are just a few.

Vlog – A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other data.

Vlogging is one thing, Monetizing a Vlog is another. The vast majority of vloggers do not monetize their vlogs. Some of them don’t monetize because they just don’t know how. I find that many are not confident in themselves and even more are not sold on their own message or product.

3 Reasons Why Vloggers Don’t Monetize Their Vlogs 

1. They lack confidence in themselves

2. They lack the know how, the process

3. They are not sold on their message or product

A large percentage of Vloggers, I call them the Weekend Vloggers, are monetizing their vlogs in a small way. Weekend Vloggers are part-timing it. These vloggers are vlogging about everyday things like food, family, fashion, real estate, parenting …. These Weekend Vloggers usually will offer an ebook packed with great recipes or information in an area they know well. These vlogs are becoming common as more people are finding a need to supplement income and share knowledge.

A much smaller percentage of Vloggers, I call them Master Vloggers, are monetizing their vlogs in a BIG way. Master Vloggers are crushing it! Master Vloggers are highly motivated people who have already become successful in a specific field of business. Master Vloggers have found a need in the market or the market has found a need in them, usually both. These Vloggers are sharing high quality intense first hand valuable knowledge about topics they have enjoyed much success in. Top Master Vloggers seem to be concentrated in the self-help, motivation, money, health, wellness and marketing fields.

We are just in the infancy of this new way of sharing and monetizing knowledge.

Some say the Vlog will desimates revenue and reach of our traditional media systems, costing real jobs. I say the Vlog will expanded our traditional systems as new opportunities for more and more people to connect to new media, where they want – when they want, will drive eyeballs and sales.

It takes little research to find who is actually capturing eyeballs and moving product via Vlogs. Each Vlogger has a following. Followers of Vloggers feel a close connection to the Vlogger and will purchase items promoted by the Vlogger based more on feelings than needs. Followers of Vloggers have already decided they trust the Vlogger and value what that Vlogger has to say. That’s why they follow, they get value in return for time.

*The key for traditional media ABC, NBC, CBS, is to partner-up with the cream of the crop Vloggers and treat them like movie stars, or better.

Top 10 Vloggers – not in any particular order

1. Tony Robbins (self help)                                        6. Tara Stiles (health)

2. Grace Helbig (lifestyle)                                           7. John Chow (marketing)

3. Laila Daho (fashion)                                                 8. Warren Cassell Jr (money)

4. Grant Cardone (sales)                                             9. Carli Bybel (makeup)

5. Frank Kern (marketing)                                           10. Max Keiser (politics)

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